Lisa Vicious (lisavicious) wrote in hard_rock_grrls,
Lisa Vicious

Music collection on eBay!

I finally decided to put my overwhelming CD collection on my computer so I am selling lots of 60 CDs from my collection this being #1&2. I'm not looking for top dollar, just someone who will enjoy this collection like I have over the years. Also 10 % of the auction profits are going to, a non-profit org that uses music to help prevent suicide and depression.
Lot #1 of 60 CDs

Emilie Autumn, Motochrist, NY Dolls, Vain, Peppermint Creeps, and more... Lot #2 of 60 CDs
A lot of Detroit rock n roll! Rare finds. HIM, Hank III, Supersuckers, Hole, GG Allin, and more....

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