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for those of you having trouble finding communities...

If you have your own artist community or if you are a member of an active artist community and the community is not on this list, you can leave a comment with the band's name and the community name.
currently being worked on
A Perfect Circle
Avenged Sevenfold

Cradle of Filth

Dog Fashion Disco

A Perfect Circle - aperfect_circle
Adema - giving_in
Alice In Chains - alice_in_chains
Butterfly Effect - effected_net
Coal Chamber - coal_chamber
Deadsy - _deadsy_
Deftones - deftonesfans, deftonesworld
Disturbed - __disturbed__, disturbedones
Dog Fashion Disco - dogfashiondisco, slobindfdknob
Dope - dope_army
Finger Eleven - fingereleven
Ill Nino - ill_nino_fans
Korn - korn, kornfreaks, k_o_r_n
Lacuna Coil - lacunacoil
Limp Bizkit - limpbizkit
Linkin Park - linkinparkfans, lp_meteora
Marilyn Manson - scabbedwings, superhatefiends, antichrist_coma, spookykids
Megadeth - megadeth_fans
Metallica - metallica_fans, _metallica, metallica_, metallicababy
Mushroomhead - mushroomheadxx
Nine Inch Nails - nine_inch_nails, halo0, _fragile_freak_
Nirvana - nirvanafans, comeasyouare
Ozzy Osbourne - ozzman_commeth
Rob Zombie - zombie_house
Sevendust - sevendust_fans
Staind - soulexpressions
Static-X - static_x
System of a Down - systemofadown_
Taproot - feartosee, moonchyle
Three Days Grace - 3daysgrace
Tool - aenima, strictlytool, t00l
VAST - vastcomm, realvast

Communities by fellow members:
Fuel - fuel_fans
Linkin Park - _with_you
The Butterfly Effect - _t_b_e_
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