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Femme Noir a Night of dangerous beauty, Friday, Oct. 2 in Everett, Ma

Live from the seductive shadows of Boston's hardboiled history, we bring you Femme Noir!
Come play detective with us and uncover an evening of dangerous dames, vixen vigilantes, and devilish delinquents. Set to a soundtrack of unsolved mysteries, pin-up playfulness, and intoxicating innuendo by DJ Fetish Dolly and the all live auditory enchantment of Hate in the Box!

Come creative! Femme fatales, Bond girls, Bladerunners, distressed damsels, private eyes, and creatures of the night welcome! If you're travelling incognito, all black minimum is required for entry!

Doors open at 9pm and you get a drink on the house if you arrive before 10pm!

Also, don't forget to RSVP on Myspace or on Facebook if you haven't already for a chance to win a secret agent super suitcase filled with super secret giveaways!

Click the flier for more info and directions on how to get to the show!

Also, if you want directions on how to get there via public transportation instead of driving, you can find out by clicking HERE for HopStop directions

Lollypops and Nightmares,
Rainbow Blight
AOL Inst Msngr : HateInTheBoxBand
Twitter: RainbowBlight

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